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Good to see this hasn't died yet :P [31 Jan 2004|09:39pm]

((Though things have seemingly stopped or slowed down for a while it's good to see we're all posting again :P))

The Third Man briefly looked to Mitsuko as she entered. Aside from whatever she presented herself as, he didn't know her personally well. He intended to keep it that way. She didn't seem like someone he'd like to know on the surface.

His attention turned back to Kawada.

"Good, you're in..."

And then voices came from Kiriyama's direction. Kiriyama wanted to play? Of course Mimura and co. could keep up with him, but the guy was still unnaturally good.

"So uh... Kiriyama, Kawada and Nobu vs. Shuya, Hiroki and myself...?"

Shinji looked to the others. He still felt somewhat unsure.
He didn't necessarily trust Kiriyama... plus his "family" was no good. But he shook it off.

"And... what about Yuichiro?"
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Huh? - Kawada Comes Back the Present [31 Jan 2004|06:27pm]

He blinked and looked over at Shinji mentioning his name. Basketball? These guys are overly friendly... with a sigh he started to respond but was stopped by the girl who had just entered. His eyes met hers... a predator.

Kawada shook his head. That thought didn't need to come the surface if it could be helped. "Basketball? Sure. I guess I'm game."
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Its about time, 'Suko! :D [31 Jan 2004|02:39pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Two slim, shaking hands held two equally slim, tiny and discreet pills. Several gulps later, they were flying down in a rush to her stomach, trying the fastest possible way to soothe her aching head. Why'd she even bother coming in?

She smoothed the ends of her skirt that fell a way above her knee, and looked ahead. Time to creep back into the mask that absorbs her everyday life.

Mitsuko Souma looked down the hallway, remembering where her class was. Oh right. Next door. The bell hadn't rung. Or maybe it did. She'd only just gotten there, struggling to try and remember anything of the morning--mostly it passed in a blur.

Moving her legs, she started towards the door that was blocking her view. Time to go, her mind told her, but her wrist, arm or hand all showed no sign of going in. No motivation. Blinking, she pushed open the door, looking around the room blankly. Mutely, she made her way to the empty chair waiting, wondering where her 'friends' were.

Her eyes traced along all of the students sitting there, and stopped on Kawanda. They followed the outline of the scar, most apparent one anyway. Attractive. She wondered what he was like. Typical.

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Yuichiro Takiguchi [28 Jan 2004|01:44pm]

Yuichiro Takiguchi entered the classroom. Apparently, he wasn't that late. the teacher hadn't arrived yet. He sat in a random seat and got out a manga. He decided to read the manga, to pass the time waiting for the teacher.

(took on Yuichiro Takiguchi. I was thinking of taking on Yutaka Seto, but the class otaku appealed to me more)
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[27 Jan 2004|02:32am]

Yoshitoki scratched his head uneasily, eyes shifting over to Noriko again. "Yeah, I'll come watch you guys." He gave Shuya a funny look before veering his attention to something else.

Grinning, he turned to Shinji. "Hey, how unfair! You guys haven't asked me to play with you yet!" His eyes wandered over to Noriko, hoping she found his obvious inquiry amusing.

"Shuya!" He nudged his best friend, hard. "Oi! Stop laughing man!"
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Here goes... [26 Jan 2004|09:42am]

[ mood | awake ]

Shinji grinned hearing that Hiroki was up for the game today.

"Good stuff, man. Can't wait to play you guys."

He then looked to the new guy, what was his name again? Kawada Shogo, that's it, he though to himself.

"Hey, Kawada, you want to come? Or even play? A crowd watching you is great, but we'd like more people to play, how about it?"

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[23 Jan 2004|08:12pm]

OOC|Sorry to clutter the community with OOC stuff, but I was wondering 2 things:
o1: Whats the final outcome on the rp-age during the school day?
o2: Would it be okay if I could rp Mitsouko as well? xD
Anyway, I'll put this all behind a LJ cut if you guys want me to, otherwise its gonna stay up here. =] Hope all is well!|
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[23 Jan 2004|09:33pm]
Kiriyama is reeeally bored that he's starting to fold a micro-sized origami bird..

((xDD; Did I make him cheesy?? I'm sorry~~))
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Almost Late~! This does not bode well... - Sugimura Hiroki [21 Jan 2004|09:50pm]

Hiroki was cutting it close and he knew it. He made it easily though the front gate of the school, just as it was closing behind him for classes to start. How did you manage to oversleep? He shook his head and concentrated on getting to class. He easily wove though the halls, dodging students and ducking around obstacles with ease... the martial arts lessons had seen to that.

He was a bright kid, quick but really liked to sleep and today it had nearly gotten him in trouble. The classroom was up ahead. He stopped just short of the door and walked into the room, grinning to his friends. "Hey guys! Am I late yet?" he asked as he smiled a bit sheepishly and headed to his desk near Shuya, Shinji, Nobu and Chigusa. He gave them all a friendly smile and noted the transfer student in the corner, raising an eyebrow slightly and then seeing to taking his seat. Today, will be a long day, he told himself as he settled his things.

((I'll probably set up a seperate journal for Hiroki later. But here's my post for Hiroki. ^^;;))
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[20 Jan 2004|06:59pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

The pen fell into her lap as she grinned impishly.

Blush. Red. Her face felt so hot that it might explode.

"T-thank you, Shuya."

She tried her best to cover her reddening face with her hair, but it was practically useless. Fiddling with the pencil in her hand, she smiled nervously to no one in perticular, still waiting for the bell.

She could no longer stand the boredom that was overcoming her embarassment/shyness. Slowly turning back towards all of them, she shot another smile. "H-how was all of your weekends?" Wow. How incredibly stupid. She could write the most detailed compositions, but when it came to common conversation she bombed.

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Shinji's hungry and some OOC questions. [20 Jan 2004|03:35pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Shinji grinned as Shuya gave a friendly taunt saying how he would beat him in one on one. Shinji was about to shoot back with a friendly joke, but he was momentarily overcome by growl from his stomach.

"Gotta start eating breakfast.." mumbled Shinji.

He shook it off and looked toward Nobu.

"Hey, man, you coming? Come on. It'll be fun."

((Heeey... just a quick question. I doubt we'd go through an entire class day because RPing about... learning wouldn't be so fun, or at least I think it wouldn't x_o; so how are classes gonna go about? and the role of their teacher and whatnot?))

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G'Luck Nobu...:D [19 Jan 2004|12:17pm]


Shuya smiled as his best friend greeted the one and only girl he truly loved. but seriously, he's gotta stop stuttering and greet her with a firm confident voice.. Shuya thought as he watched his friend. Then he noticed how Shinji invited Nakagawa to their lil one on one game.

"Yeah, come and watch Nakagawa-chan, it'll be great to see ya there!" Shuya grinned. "You can watch me beat the great Shinji Mimura."

A few seconds later Shuya watched as Noriko smiled and nodded until all the content of her book bag fell out. She hastily picked up the items as he noticed her face turned to a light shade of pink. Then she quickly sat back in her seat. Then Shuya noticed that she forgot to pick up her lead pencil that was still a feet away from her.

Shuya quickly got up and picked up the pencil, as he handed it to Noriko. "Here Nakagawa, you forgot to pick up this." Shuya gave her a huge grin.

((OOC: Hey guys! I've decided to make a separate blog for Shuya as well. Its [info]shuya_nanahara. So check it out and I'll also be rping in that name. ^^))

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[19 Jan 2004|12:52pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Her attention waivered over to Shinji, and his invitation to the basketball game between him and Shuya. Well, duh, if he was there, she'd be too.

"Hello, Shinji! A game? I guess I'll come, it should be entertaining to watch you two go at it."

She grinned and opened her bag, grabbing a notebook and a pen. The bell should be ringing any minute, she thought.

Still holding both of them in her hands, she balanced the notebook on her leg and tried with her free hand to shut the bag. No good. The notebook, pen and bag went toppling to the floor, and she blushed.

Great. Typical.

As she hurridly scooped all of them back inside her back, she settled on just waiting for the bell to get her things out.

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[19 Jan 2004|11:11am]

[ mood | worried ]

Chigusa turned around in her chair and looked at Noriko. "Good morning, Noriko! Say, have you seen or heard from Hiroki at all this morning? Usually he calls if he's going to be late or absent," she asked with a worried expression.

The people present in the class was almost perfect. She had several of her friends but not the person she wanted there the most. She hoped none of the annoyances would be there.

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[19 Jan 2004|04:32am]

Yoshitoki swallowed hard. He could practically feel the heat stinging his cheeks. Of course, Shuya wasn't helping. At all.

He nodded politely at Noriko, a sunny smile gracing his lips. "Good morning Nakagawa," was all he could manage for now. Whenever Noriko was around, he couldn't help his reactions. Sometimes he could respond with the biggest smile on his face, other times, he could barely put his greetings in to words.

He would have to maim his best friend later.

Returning his attention back to the new student, he suddenly frowned. He thought he had caught a glimpse of a grin, but found himself eyeing that same grave expression.

His eyes slipped over to Noriko. He wasn't quite sure if he kept doing this out of habit now. Even if it was, Noriko never noticed.

He finally shifted his gaze to the front of the room. He felt like he was going to nod off any moment now.
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To the Past and Into the Present [18 Jan 2004|08:39pm]

Kawada was slient as he watched the newcomer interact with Shuya and his friends. The girl, with the way she acted, reminded him of her. He turned to look back out the window. Why now? She was the reason he was still here as he was still the reason she was not. The interaction, none the less could be fun. He smiled to himself apparently as some private joke. As quickly as the grin came it was gone... lost to Shogo's stoic nature.
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[18 Jan 2004|03:37pm]

[ mood | bubbly ]

Hurried eyes scanned a wristwatch quickly as Noriko Nakagawa skidded down the hall next to her classroom door. Because of her one-track mind, she was almost late. And she had just almost missed her classroom. Her sailor suit swished around her as she tried to look normal as she strided into the classroom.

What? Why is everyone sitting around?

Her eyes traced over to the clock that was hanging above the doorway, and noticed that she was early. Looking back down at her clock, she noticed it was set ahead. It was the third time this week her morning was like this.

Smiling and hoping no one noticed, she searched around for a seat. She was acquaintances with virtually anyone, ready to lend a smile or a bubbly response to anything. She grinned and gave several enthusiastic 'good morning!'s to her classmates, and took a seat near the middle of the room.

Her bag was slung quietly next to her, along with her lunch. Cookies. Sure, she'd offer them nonchalantly to anyone who asked, but she really only wanted to share them with one person. With him.

OOCCollapse )

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Unstoppable Force. [18 Jan 2004|07:25am]

[ mood | happy ]

After Kawada had finished hearing Shinji out, Shinji had already turned back around and turned his discman off. He tossed it into his bookbag lying on the ground beside his desk and then closed it before he had turned back around.

"Hey, bro," he called out to Shuya before he was even facing the others entirely, "you up for some basketball later?"

Hiroki, Nanahara, and the Third Man himself were all known to be big on basketball, and on the court, almost nobody could oppose the pairing of Nanahara and Mimura.

"Come on, a little one on on. I won't beat you too bad." Shinji gave a friendly grin.

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Introductions are Necessary, Kawada Shogo [18 Jan 2004|01:37am]

Kawada sat and watched as the one called Shinji introduced the rest of Shuya's group. When he made the statement about Kiriyama's gang not being the friendliest in the world... he smirked to himself. If you truely knew me or who I was, you probably wouldn't be talking to me.

He nodded to Yukiko as she walked by him and then turned his attention to Shuya and his friends. They all seemed to be happy and, for lack of a better term, carefree. He hoped that this class didn't get chosen. That was a nightmare he didn't need all over again... though if it did happen, he'd probably win. He hoped it didn't come to that. If they got lucky, he wouldn't. Kawada ignored the group in the back and resumed half staring out the window and thoughtfully chewed his gum. There would be a lot to do in the coming weeks. The last thing he needed was to draw attention to himself. He sighed and put another stick of gum in his mouth, half wondering when class would commence.

God he needed a cigerette. He was thinking too much.
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Shuya Nanahara's POV [17 Jan 2004|08:46pm]


Kawada Shogo...huh? The transfer introduced himself. Sure he looked pretty rough on the outside but he looks like a nice guy.

My eyes shifted around the classroom, looking at all of my classmates. I've noticed Tsukioka winking at our direction. Hopefully it wasn't at me, I always thought that guy was a bit queer. I turned over to Nobu.

"I wonder...where's Hiroki?"

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