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Its about time, 'Suko! :D

Two slim, shaking hands held two equally slim, tiny and discreet pills. Several gulps later, they were flying down in a rush to her stomach, trying the fastest possible way to soothe her aching head. Why'd she even bother coming in?

She smoothed the ends of her skirt that fell a way above her knee, and looked ahead. Time to creep back into the mask that absorbs her everyday life.

Mitsuko Souma looked down the hallway, remembering where her class was. Oh right. Next door. The bell hadn't rung. Or maybe it did. She'd only just gotten there, struggling to try and remember anything of the morning--mostly it passed in a blur.

Moving her legs, she started towards the door that was blocking her view. Time to go, her mind told her, but her wrist, arm or hand all showed no sign of going in. No motivation. Blinking, she pushed open the door, looking around the room blankly. Mutely, she made her way to the empty chair waiting, wondering where her 'friends' were.

Her eyes traced along all of the students sitting there, and stopped on Kawanda. They followed the outline of the scar, most apparent one anyway. Attractive. She wondered what he was like. Typical.
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