shinji_mimura (shinji_mimura) wrote in murderfreaks,

Good to see this hasn't died yet :P

((Though things have seemingly stopped or slowed down for a while it's good to see we're all posting again :P))

The Third Man briefly looked to Mitsuko as she entered. Aside from whatever she presented herself as, he didn't know her personally well. He intended to keep it that way. She didn't seem like someone he'd like to know on the surface.

His attention turned back to Kawada.

"Good, you're in..."

And then voices came from Kiriyama's direction. Kiriyama wanted to play? Of course Mimura and co. could keep up with him, but the guy was still unnaturally good.

"So uh... Kiriyama, Kawada and Nobu vs. Shuya, Hiroki and myself...?"

Shinji looked to the others. He still felt somewhat unsure.
He didn't necessarily trust Kiriyama... plus his "family" was no good. But he shook it off.

"And... what about Yuichiro?"
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