Kawada Shogo (kawada_shogo) wrote in murderfreaks,
Kawada Shogo

Introductions are Necessary, Kawada Shogo

Kawada sat and watched as the one called Shinji introduced the rest of Shuya's group. When he made the statement about Kiriyama's gang not being the friendliest in the world... he smirked to himself. If you truely knew me or who I was, you probably wouldn't be talking to me.

He nodded to Yukiko as she walked by him and then turned his attention to Shuya and his friends. They all seemed to be happy and, for lack of a better term, carefree. He hoped that this class didn't get chosen. That was a nightmare he didn't need all over again... though if it did happen, he'd probably win. He hoped it didn't come to that. If they got lucky, he wouldn't. Kawada ignored the group in the back and resumed half staring out the window and thoughtfully chewed his gum. There would be a lot to do in the coming weeks. The last thing he needed was to draw attention to himself. He sighed and put another stick of gum in his mouth, half wondering when class would commence.

God he needed a cigerette. He was thinking too much.
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