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Hurried eyes scanned a wristwatch quickly as Noriko Nakagawa skidded down the hall next to her classroom door. Because of her one-track mind, she was almost late. And she had just almost missed her classroom. Her sailor suit swished around her as she tried to look normal as she strided into the classroom.

What? Why is everyone sitting around?

Her eyes traced over to the clock that was hanging above the doorway, and noticed that she was early. Looking back down at her clock, she noticed it was set ahead. It was the third time this week her morning was like this.

Smiling and hoping no one noticed, she searched around for a seat. She was acquaintances with virtually anyone, ready to lend a smile or a bubbly response to anything. She grinned and gave several enthusiastic 'good morning!'s to her classmates, and took a seat near the middle of the room.

Her bag was slung quietly next to her, along with her lunch. Cookies. Sure, she'd offer them nonchalantly to anyone who asked, but she really only wanted to share them with one person. With him.

OOC|Hey all, =] I'm new to the BR community. I read the book, and unfortunately only saw *part* of the movie, but I'm trying to get a copy. This is my first try at Noriko so, enjoy! [/ditzyn00bnervousness]
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