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Te EijiHood X3

G'Luck Nobu...:D

Shuya smiled as his best friend greeted the one and only girl he truly loved. but seriously, he's gotta stop stuttering and greet her with a firm confident voice.. Shuya thought as he watched his friend. Then he noticed how Shinji invited Nakagawa to their lil one on one game.

"Yeah, come and watch Nakagawa-chan, it'll be great to see ya there!" Shuya grinned. "You can watch me beat the great Shinji Mimura."

A few seconds later Shuya watched as Noriko smiled and nodded until all the content of her book bag fell out. She hastily picked up the items as he noticed her face turned to a light shade of pink. Then she quickly sat back in her seat. Then Shuya noticed that she forgot to pick up her lead pencil that was still a feet away from her.

Shuya quickly got up and picked up the pencil, as he handed it to Noriko. "Here Nakagawa, you forgot to pick up this." Shuya gave her a huge grin.

((OOC: Hey guys! I've decided to make a separate blog for Shuya as well. Its [info]shuya_nanahara. So check it out and I'll also be rping in that name. ^^))

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