Kash (sings_the_past) wrote in murderfreaks,

Almost Late~! This does not bode well... - Sugimura Hiroki

Hiroki was cutting it close and he knew it. He made it easily though the front gate of the school, just as it was closing behind him for classes to start. How did you manage to oversleep? He shook his head and concentrated on getting to class. He easily wove though the halls, dodging students and ducking around obstacles with ease... the martial arts lessons had seen to that.

He was a bright kid, quick but really liked to sleep and today it had nearly gotten him in trouble. The classroom was up ahead. He stopped just short of the door and walked into the room, grinning to his friends. "Hey guys! Am I late yet?" he asked as he smiled a bit sheepishly and headed to his desk near Shuya, Shinji, Nobu and Chigusa. He gave them all a friendly smile and noted the transfer student in the corner, raising an eyebrow slightly and then seeing to taking his seat. Today, will be a long day, he told himself as he settled his things.

((I'll probably set up a seperate journal for Hiroki later. But here's my post for Hiroki. ^^;;))
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