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Battle Royale RP
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Welcome to MurderFreaks: A Battle Royale RP Community!
What will Class B students and the 2 tranfer students do if they all survived? (o.o)!?

Please read the rules first before you contact me and join in!

1. You can take up to two characters max. If you only want to play 1 its definitely okay too.
2. You can't play as the characters that were already taken. DUH. >>;;
3. Using a userpic with your character pic when you post here would be cool and very much appreciated. Though its not really necessary, just don't forget to write your character's name below your post to prevent confuzzle-ment.
4. No StIcKy CaPs / TyPiNg LiKe ThIs PlEaSe.
5. No porn! ^^;; I know, I know, it's nummy. But since they're only 9TH GRADERS, so, NO! xP Liking / having crush on people are of course, allowed.
6. I know BR is mostly about killing, but please don't do it here ^^;; Cause the character you killed wont be able to play again X-x;; You may fight/ hurt some people, just, dont take their lives ^^;; This rp is suppossed to mainly focused at their school life ...

That's all! If you agree, feel free to contact me! I'm not too icky or mean when adding members :P

Characters that were currently taken:

Kiriyama: sweetestcoma
Yukiko: hume
Mimura: shinji_mimura
Chigusa: starlightminako
Kawada: sings_the_past
Shuya: kawaiibabyheero
Tsukioka: amano_hyo
Kuninobu: gichigichi
Noriko: noriko_nakagawa
Hiroki: sugimura_hiroki
Mitsuko: m_souma

Co-maintainer: hume. E-mail